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School Leaders, Teachers

School work re-imagined!

The Dekko technique encourages children to focus on the things they love. It shows them how to be creative and have fun with subject matter that they might struggle to engage with. Dekko’s educational comics turn school curriculum content into engaging and accessible material, helping to smash barriers to reading and learning. The comics are colourful, funny and especially helpful to visual learners and those living with dyslexia, ADHD and autism.


School Leaders, Teachers

Why formal learning should wait!

As schools begin opening their doors again after many weeks of lockdown, it seems natural to focus on returning to familiar routines and getting pupils back up to speed with their learning. But as discussed by Dave Whyley in his recent EdWire Article, Covid-19 has changed the face of education and formal learning needs to wait!

Teachers, Technology

(A)I spy with my little eye!

We all know that the early identification of reading difficulties can transform a child’s whole experience of education. However, the complexity of reading is often underestimated and specific difficulties are not always easy to spot…