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Preparing for retests!

An important broadcast for all Lexplore Customers! This broadcast by the Lexplore team will explore some of the latest updates to both the Results Portal and the Lexplore Application. It will discuss some general Lexplore news for the new year and ensure you are fully prepared to retest your pupils when they return. We will also take as many questions as we can to help you get ahead with testing in the new year.

Wednesday 15th January 11:00 am

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Supporting all readers!

This exciting webinar will welcome Katrina Cochrane, specialist teacher and author with over 25 years’ experience working to raise awareness and support both children and adults with dyslexia. Throughout this insightful broadcast Katrina will share some top tips for encouraging reluctant readers, with specific reference to supporting children with dyslexia both in the classroom and at home.

  Thursday 30th January    7:30 pm

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Phonics – back to basics!

This webinar will go back to that all-important start of the reading journey and provide an overview of how best to encourage phonetical awareness which can be easily incorporate into your own classroom. It will also cover some top tips and ideas for helping all children, as well as older learners to develop phonetical knowledge, making some references to specific learning differences, such as dyslexia.

  Thursday 12th February    11:00 am

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Diagnostic Assessments!

This webinar, presented by Karen Mace – Head of Assessment at the BDA, will explore why we carry out diagnostic assessments and when it is the right time to refer a pupil. It will also discuss what you can learn from an assessment and how you can use other test results to more effectively determine whether a pupil needs a full diagnostic assessment.

Wednesday 26th February 7:00 pm

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The Power of Morphology!

This exciting webinar will provide you with some ideas and top tips about how to better support children in your classroom and home in developing good word decoding skills, with specific reference to different graphemes and orthographic patterns in English language. The broadcast will also make an important link to issues around dyslexic-like tendencies.

  Thursday 27th February    4:30 pm

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Thoughts on good provision!

This webinar with Aimee Cave will give a fascinating overview of coordinating SEND with a specific focus on diagnostics and intervention types. Aimee Cave is a current practising SENDCO at the first ADHD friendly school in Yorkshire. She recently experienced an OFSTED inspection under the new framework and will share her experience from this during this webinar.

     Wednesday 25th March     7:00 pm

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Different types of reading!

This exciting webinar will explore the many different types of reading that children can engage with both within and outside of the classroom. It will also provide ideas of how to encourage reading across all genres and discuss how these different genres and formats can be used to help some reluctant readers engage with material they may otherwise struggle to access.

  Thursday 26th March    11:00 am

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Reading with ClaroRead!

Did you or do you find reading or writing stressful? Learn how easy it is to use ClaroRead to assist in school and workplace environments. This exciting FREE webinar with ClaroRead themselves will demonstrate some software features and explore how their ScreenRulers and variety of tools could help support reading and writing for you, your pupils or your children.

      Thursday 14th May      7:00 pm

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School Leaders, Teachers, Technology

Lexplore Analytics at Bett 2020!

For the first time at Bett (stand NJ58), we will unveil a secondary school version of our unique assessment which uses the latest in AI and eye tracking technology to help teachers accurately assess attainment and spot children encountering difficulties within minutes…


Parents, Teachers

Supporting all readers by Katrina Cochrane!

Katrina Cochrane is a specialist teacher and author with over 25 years’ experience working to raise awareness and support both children and adults with dyslexia. In the following blog post she shares an insight into the diverse range of difficulties children can face when it comes to reading. Difficulties which make it challenging for class teachers to identify those needing extra support…

Frequently Asked Questions...

What do we do after we have the results?

Within each pupil’s results teachers can find our guidelines for intervention which offer simple recommendations, activities and resources tailored to a child’s reading level to help build their skills in each reading component. Teachers can also find more free materials and guides in our Lexources Corner which help turn our objective results into personalised learning plans for each child.

Free Resources

We are also in the process of launching Lexplore Intensive, a new reading training programme with free material specially designed for each child’s specific reading level. Get in touch with out team to find out more…

For more in depth interventions our team of SEN Consultants, reading specialists, and partner companies can help when it comes to referrals, and classroom or reading support.

Interventions Corner

What if a pupil does not have English as a first language?

Our assessment can offer a fresh perspective when it comes to assessing pupils with English as an additional language. With powerful and objective algorithms able to take this into account during their analysis, it can offer the same exciting insight into reading regardless of children’s different backgrounds and situations.

“We want to root out any reading difficulties as soon as we can so we can help pupils make progress. Lexplore provides us with a completely unbiased way to assess our children”

Our assessment helps teachers to identify which pupils find reading difficult regardless of their fluency in English. And importantly, highlight possible underlying reading issues which could be masked by a lack of language knowledge.

Read the case study

How do teachers become certified examiners?

As a Lexplore Customer, we will visit your school or organisation to carry out the theoretical and practical Training needed for your staff members to test children independently. The technology and method is extremely simple to set up and understand meaning the training process is usually completed in one or two days.

How do eye movements reflect reading attainment?

Reading involves a complicated interplay between many different cognitive and linguistic processes. Measuring when, where, and how a child’s eyes move in relation to the words they read allows us to quickly evaluate how effectively these processes work together, and pick up on minor differences in the way their brains process text on lexical, syntactic and structural levels.

“Eye movements is one of the best ways to index reading ability at an incredibly in-depth level.”

Our Eye Tracking assessment has been developed following over 30 years of peer reviewed research at one of the leading medical institutes in the world into the unique insight eye movements can offer us into reading.

Find out more 


How can I see the technology in action?

A quick 30 minute online demonstration gives you the opportunity to explore our assessment and results portal, ask any questions you might have, and find out how Lexplore could work for your school.

Book your demonstration

We also have lots of exciting exhibitions and conferences lined up where you can meet the Lexplore team and see our assessment at an event near you.

Upcoming events

How long does the Lexplore assessment take?

We estimate that the assessment takes between two and five minutes per child depending upon their reading speed. This enables schools to quickly assess a large number of pupils without additional workload. The results are available immediately in our user-friendly portal with no marking required.

“One of the main reasons we chose Lexplore is because it frees up so much time. Previously, it took teachers an entire term to do accurate assessments on their whole class. By contrast, 200 children went through the Lexplore assessment process in a week. Within five minutes of each assessment we had the results of their reading activity and an accurate attainment level.”

At what age can a child sit the Lexplore assessment?

At the minute our assessment is for primary children in years 2 to 5, however, our team is currently in the process of carrying out a verification project for years 6 , 7 , 8 and 9.

If you are interested in Lexplore for different age groups including years 6 , 7 , 8 and 9 do get in touch with our team. There are plenty of opportunities for schools to get involved with our project and access exclusive early bird offers.

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