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Dyslexia Awareness

This insightful webinar was presented on the 5th December. The webinar focuses on the traits associated with Dyslexia, giving an overview of what to look for and providing teachers and parents with a systematic method to identify and support children with Dyslexia in the classroom and at home.


Reading Support

This informative webinar was presented by specialist teacher, assessor and author, Katrina Cochrane and can be purchased as a recording. The webinar explores how best to support children struggling with reading, presenting ideas, strategies and making reference to lots of useful resources.



Diagnostic Assessments

This webinar was presented by Karen Mace, the head of assessment and training at the BDA. The recording explores why we carry out diagnostic assessments and how you can know that it is the right time to refer a child or pupil. It also discusses what you can learn from a full assessment.



Phonics Basics Bitesize

This webinar goes back to the start of the reading journey and provides an overview of how to encourage phonetical awareness. It also covers some top tips and ideas for helping all children, as well as older learners to develop phonetical knowledge, making some references to specific learning differences, such as dyslexia.


Dyspraxia and Reading

This informative broadcast, presented by Donna Stevenson, highlights some of most common traits and characteristics of dyspraxia/ DCD and explores how these might impact upon a pupil’s reading. Donna also shares some useful strategies and ideas for supporting children with Dyspraxia.



SEND Provision

This webinar with Aimee Cave gives an overview of SEND in school, focusing on diagnostics and intervention types. Aimee Cave is a practising SENCO at the first ADHD friendly school in Yorkshire and recently experienced an OFSTED inspection under the new framework, she shares her experience during the webinar.



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